My TEDx Talk on Pain

Seeing how difficult it is for people in pain to get treatment today in the heat of the opioid epidemic inspired me to get up and tell my story about how a surgery left me unable to sit, stand, or walk and in severe pain for many years. It was hard for me to get up and talk about something so personal, but serious pain is a voice that needs to be heard as we address the opioid epidemic.

4 thoughts on “My TEDx Talk on Pain”

  1. Bravo & Thank You Kate! CPP with OA disabled since 2012 treated effectively with opioids until last February, when abruptly discontinued. Life stinks right now compared to one year ago when I was out walking 3 miles per day thanks to Tramadol.

  2. I too thank you for your well organized and supported presentation, Kate. At present, the voices of pain patients are almost entirely absent from the councils where major decisions are being made to restrict opioid analgesics, causing enormous harms to potentially millions of people.

    One day I’d love to do a TEDx talk here in the Carolinas, possibly expanding on the theme “Figures Lie and Liars Figure”. We now know that the assertions of anti-opioid advocates are essentially fraudulent when they falsely link opioid addiction to prescription of opioid analgesics in properly screened and managed pain patients who benefit from these medications. Patients are rarely addicts and the demographics of the two groups prove it.

  3. Thank you for advocating for chronic pain patients. Please tell me what patients can do when they cannot find a Dr. to treat them?

    Suicide seems to be the only alternative.

  4. I commend Kate for being so forthright, honest, and openly discussing the problem we have in the United States. The issue where it appears pharmacy chains, Federal and State agencies think they know how to handle what legitimate chronic pain patients in many cases need.

    Not all pain patients need these strong, potent medications called opioids, but many do. Having been a chronic pain patient for twenty plus years, I realize a bottle of pills can help me to have a better quality of life. I further understand a bottle of pills without other modalities is not the total answer.

    So, Kate, thank you for this beautiful presentation.

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